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I’ve managed to make a Meteor application that displays the current day, time, weather and a random compliment:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 3.37.12 PMGetting the random compliment took the most time. I spent a lot of time trying to find out how to return a random document from the compliments collection I created. I found quite a few posts online but none seemed to work. I could return an object but it was not displaying the text of that object. In the end it was as simple as changing from find() to findOne().

Next I want to have it check the date and display custom messages such as “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Anniversary”, “Merry Christmas”, etc.

I also set up the Raspberry Pi this week. I want to see if I can get Meteor running on it. If so I can just have the application running locally on the Pi and point its browser to the localhost. I did find this walk-through online.  If not I can deploy it to Digital Ocean which may be the better choice in the end as I can update the database easily that way.

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