Moodle Rubrics and Scales

This year I decided to adjust the weight I placed on lab reports. Last year it was graded out of 6 and this year I graded them out of 18. Both times I used the rubric grading in Moodle. Last year I scaled the grade down but this year I decided to just leave it at the full 18 total possible points. However I noticed that when I graded a sample lab report and gave it a grade of 6 out of 18 on the rubric it would show up as 6.67 for total score for that objective in the grade book. I still don’t understand why but it had to do with the grade setting for each lab activity. Since I wasn’t scaling things down I changed the grade to just 18. When I modified the scale so that it went from 0 – 18 and reset the grade setting to the lab scale things worked out again. The category total in the grade book also had to be set to use the scale.


  • adjust the scale in the grade book settings
  • adjust the category total to ensure it is using the scale
  • make sure that each lab activity is using the scale

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