Through the Looking Glass

I posted previously about taking part in the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon, well the Raw Talent Exhibit took place this past Saturday night. This year the exhibit took place at a different location than previous exhibits, the Salt Building in Vancouver’s Olympic Village. While there was more space and better temperature regulation, the lighting was a little dim making it difficult to see the photos. The other odd thing was that the individual theme winners were already unveiled on one wall. I tried not too look until I saw my set but I couldn’t help but notice that none of my shots had won. I was a little disappointed, I thought at least one or two could have been in the running. My disappointment got worse when I finally worked my way down to my set and saw that one photo (theme 10: Float) was very underexposed and another (theme 11: Background Story) didn’t turn out at all. I wasn’t expecting much from these anyway as I was very rushed for time at the end of the marathon but it was a shock to see one not turn out at all.

I wandered around looking at the other marathoners work and eventually the time came for the unveiling of the overall winners. First was the runner-up and winner for best photo. Then came the runner-up for best series……and it was me! How had I even been considered for best series when two of my photos were so poor? I was stunned but there it was a 24″x36″ print of theme 2: Through the Looking Glass mounted on aluminum.

IThe rest of my set and the other participants can be seen here.

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