12×12 Photo Marathon

This past weekend I took part in the 12×12 photo marathon for the second time. The concept goes as follows; each hour from 10am to 9pm the organizers announce a theme, take a photo that represents that theme, photos must be taken in order, photos are taken on one roll of 12 exposure 35mm film. This year they added a twist in that the film was black and white. There are prizes for the best photo for each theme as well as a prize for best series of photos. Last year I noticed that a lot of people tried to tie each of their photos together and these were the ones that were nominated for best series. For example, the winner last year had an apple in each photo, another photographer did self portraits and another did double exposures. Getting twelve photos for each theme seemed hard enough last year so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try and add this extra condition but since they announced the prize was free entry into the marathon next year I kept it in mind.

Theme 1: Your entry number + Colour

Some variation of “my entry number” seems to always be the first theme. This year my entry number was 18. I didn’t really have any ideas during the first hour so I decided to wait and see what theme number two was.

Theme 2: Through the looking glass

I new that Through the Looking Glass was the sequel to Alice in Wonderland and when I looked it up on wikipedia it mentioned a recurring theme of Chess. Ah….now I had an idea. What if I incorporated a game into each photo? Since I’m redesigning my class as a game this seemed like a great idea. I even knew the photo I wanted to take for this theme. Earlier I had walked past an antique store that had a magnifying glass and some old chess sets. So I set up a piece and took the photo of it looking through the glass. This was of course after I went back and took the photo for theme 1, I bought a deck of cards and some poker chips from a dollar store and took a photo of a hand of blackjack scoring 18.

I’m not going to go through the other 10 photos here. Needless to say it was a long day and I’m still sore from all the walking I did but I enjoyed every minute of it. The film is hopefully on its way to be developed and I won’t know how each shot turned out until September 22.

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