I Just Want You to Teach

On Monday night a student approached me and we had the following conversation:

Student: I have a request. Can you just teach us each night?

Me: Which learning objectives are you having problems with? We can sit down together and go over them one-on-one.

Student: No I mean just teach. Like a lecture.

Me: Well all the lectures are on the website. You can watch them anytime. If you don’t understand something we can discuss it right now. 

Student: I know the lectures are there but can’t we just have a regular class?

Me: I want people to be able to go through the material at their own pace. You might be a whiz at projectile motion but another student may not. If I spend tonight teaching projectile motion you would be bored.

Student: But maybe they want you to teach as well.

Me: If they don’t understand something we can sit down one-on-one or in small groups and go over it. 

At this point the student walked away. She is by far the brightest student in the class but it also the student who is most concerned with her grade. How much is this lab worth? Is this question worth more than this one? If I do this how much will my grade change?

I’m starting to feel like this experiment is failing. Why would this student prefer to sit in a lecture rather than discuss one-on-one the topics she is struggling with? No matter how many times I asked her which topics she wanted to discuss she just kept saying “I just want you to teach”.