A Productive Day

Taking the day off from work yesterday turned out to be very productive. I managed to get nine videos made and now have all the content for the first five missions complete. Still to do before monday:

  • Create a new course syllabus to hand out to the students
  • Determine the best way to create accounts for the students

I’d like to make the syllabus as more of an advertisement for the game. On the back I will have a description of the grading scheme. I think explaining the game mechanics and grading scheme will probably take up most of the first night (after all the other administrative stuff is also taken care of).



With less than a week to go before my class starts panic is starting to set it.

While I think I have all of the activities (investigations, labs, quizzes) for the first six missions I only have the instruction videos for the first two missions complete.

I am going to be taking Friday off from my day job to try and develop a few more videos. I feel like if I can get the first six missions done I’ll at least be two months ahead of the students. It takes a lot longer than I thought to make each video. So far I haven’t been able to complete one on less than 4 attempts. It has taken a while to get used to using the writing tablet, something as simple as drawing a straight line causes me to have to start over sometimes. In some videos I’ve resorted to drawing the vector diagrams in PowerPoint, which to be honest is probably a better approach anyway.

I’ve created a google account for the class and a youtube channel with the videos. When a video is added to youtube the initial permissions can be one of Public, Unlisted or Private. Public means anyone can view the video. Unlisted means that the video doesn’t show up on searches but anyone with the link to it can view it. Private means that I authorize individuals to view it. At first I was going to go with Unlisted, but I have decided for now to have them Public. I have however turned off comments.