Raspberry Pi, Littlebits and Meteor

So I haven’t been teaching for the past few years due to lack of enrolment in continuing education (SD38 continuing ed has stopped offering all math and science based night school courses!) hence the lack of any new posts on this blog. Since I haven’t been teaching I started learning new skills, did some online Python tutorials and then got interested in Meteor. When I first started teaching full time in Powell River one of the classes I was given was Information Technology 11/12. Part of this was teaching basic HTML which I was comfortable with but the other part was Javascript which I wasn’t. It was a quick and steep learning curve. Since meteor is based on JS I thought it would be a good way to revive that forgotten skill set. So far it has been going well and I’ve even made a few apps.

Then for Christmas I was given a Rasperry Pi and some Littlebits. After looking through some possible projects I’ve decided to try and build a Magic Mirror. I can build the site using Meteor and it can run on the Pi and perhaps make use of some of the Littlebits to act as motion sensor to activate it.

This project should be a lot of fun and documenting it here will be a good excuse to revive this blog.